For Teachers:

You can help raise autism awareness in your classroom by simply spreading the knowledge. Share with your colleagues, principals, and students what you have learned here from our website.

AAT is in the process of creating a series of activity books to help you teach children and adolescents about autism.  There will be two versions of activity book designed for each age group: 1st - 6th graders and 7th - 12th graders). The books are in word format and are available in both Thai and English. Once the books are done they will be available for downloading free of charge at the bottom of this page.

AAT also conducts presentations on Autism Awareness for young audiences primarily in school settings. Our presentations are tailored by age group and include interactive games, discussions, and workshops for students and teachers.

To invite our speaker to your school, please contact us at

Below are some useful websites that may help you better support your students with autism in the classroom:

  1. Autism in the Classroom

  2. Transition to College

  3. Educating students about autism in an inclusive classroom

  4. Create a Classroom for all students, using Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

AAT together with Ravi Tanadon Itiravivong has also created a coloring book for children ages 3 - 7 years called Billy’s Story. It can be downloaded by clicking HERE for an English version and HERE for a Thai version

For Students:

AAT is is currently working to launch local groups in several provinces throughout Thailand. We hope to reach as many parts of the country as possible to promote autism awareness and integration of students of all levels of abilities. If you are interested in starting an Autism Awareness Club or group in your shcool, please contact us. We will provide you with free information and tips to get you started.

Below are two websites that provide information on how to start an autism awareness club designed specifically for students.

  1. Student Initiative of Autism Speaks

  2. How to organize a Student Club


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